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Former LA Rams Running Back, Russell Harrison, founded Russell Herbals, previously known as Russell Herbal Company, in New York City in 1975. After suffering an injury in his knee, Russell discovered the natural healing powers and lasting effects of herbs and roots. In 1978, our company transferred to Los Angeles, CA, where our owner has become an experienced Herbalist and Iridologist.

Our list of clients includes big names such as Stevie Wonder, Pharaoh Sanders, Coretta King, Johnny Rogers, and several others. However, we give the same, loving, personal care to all of our customers.

Since its inception, Russell Herbals has been striving to provide natural, organic alternatives to the toxic overdose from processed chemical medications. We believe that for every sickness nature inflicts on your body, there is a remedy provided by nature. We are famous for our nerve, colon, and detoxification programs, and we pride ourselves on the creation of some of the best, most powerful herbal remedies in the market, from the finest available natural sources.

Not only do we offer special products and packages for anyone, but we also offer special customized programs for anyone in need of the help herbal supplements and detoxes can provide. Whatever ails you, we can help get you back to yourself, or even better. Visit the store for our products or a consultation or buy any of our products here on our website. If you wear out your body, where will you live?

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